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Charles did my husband’s headshots for work and he was amazing!  My husband absolutely loved his photos!

He is very personable and helps you find the right photo fit for you.  He has a lot of great insight and valuable advice for taking better photos and getting the right angles.

We would highly recommend Charles!

Raymond Ho

Realtor, GE Property

I am not sure where I should end, much less where to begin. I had been putting off, for more years than I care to admit, going and getting a professional head shot which I need, not only for my business but also one I would like to have.  I was afraid it was going to be too expensive, NOT. Something I would not be good at, NOT.

Well, I am one lucky guy, because I chose right, when I picked: Time on Film Charles Ng.  I walked in to a very great space. It was the easiest thing I have done in years. Warm, gracious, and very easy to be with Charles Ng is a sheer delight which was really kind of fun.

When one is really skilled they just make it look, all so easy. I felt great right off the bat. Finest  equipment, in a great space, no pretense or airs just easy, easy, easy. Couple of different changes encouraged. Which I liked and I began to get excited about what we were doing.  Charles, is very generous with his time, his abilities and has such an overriding passion, to make it great.

Then you get to sit down while you are right there and go through all of the shots, picking the ones you think might be really good, and then Charles does with a soft touch, a little cleaning and tweaking, you get to see the whole process as it goes and it is great.

Then voila; pictures in hand and or an email sent, you have it right then and there. I could not be more pleased. Charles happens to be local for me but I would say it would be well worth, a couple of hour’s drive if need be. When you have it, you got it and I am a believer when someone is really great the world needs to know.


Robert Bilheimer

Realtor, Dilbeck Realty

Charles was wonderful to work with. I enjoyed the fact as a client I was able to help touch up my fiancé s business photo. We left happy and with a great profile ready to be uploaded .

Julio Ruiz

Realtor, Global Major Properties

Charles is the BEST!!! I’m a young and new real estate agent who wants to get a headshot that can show my profession and confidence to potential clients. Charles knew exactly what I need and what I want.  I’m not very good at posing, but Charles helped me a lot.

I’m so glad that I found Charles to do my headshot. Highly recommended!!!

Vicky Huang

Realtor | Interior Designer, Keller Williams Signature Realty

Experience: I was looking for a place to take business headshot photo that’s affordable, flexible, and produces good work. Charles’ Time on Film Photography exceeded all my expectations. He was friendly, funny, accommodating, and most of all, he was meticulous and absolutely brilliant in his work. The photoshoot process was fast and painless and Charles provided great directions on posing and expression, which made the photos distinct from casual photos. He was careful with lightning and shadow and made the photos pop but still feeling natural.

After the shoot Charles worked with me on touching up the photos. I got to see him work his magic with Photoshop and it’s clear that he had mastered the craft. He was fast but still attentive to all the little details. I felt very comfortable during my two hours there and never felt hurried during the entire time.

Bottom Line: Until Charles decides to retire, Time on Film will be my go-to place for professional photos.

Willy Liou

Time on film!!! Where do i begin… We booked Charles for our wedding back in May. Our wedding theme was “picture perfect”, so im sure you can only imagine how important it was to get THE best photographer we can, so glad we found charles through a good friend and his son Aaron. Charles made sure he knew what our style is as couple and he also made sure to make us feel comfortable during our engagement shoot. By doing this the wedding shoot just felt easy breasy because we trusted him. We also chose to have him and his A-team do a same day slide show of the wedding and my god was it one of our favorite part of the wedding! We are thankful they delivered great photos but what we are most thankful for was that they captured our personalities and the essence of our picture perfect day!!! Thank you Charles

Bap & Alvin Sayat

I work in Pasadena and was looking for a local photographer for business headshots. I’m so glad I found Time on Film through Yelp.Charles was WONDERFUL! He helped me with my business headshots last week. He made me feel comfortable and gave me great photography tips. He spent time to make sure I was happy; I never felt rushed. I’m so delighted with my portraits and will definitely recommend Charles to all of my coworkers and friends. Thank you Charles! :)

Veronica Zamora

I am a professional business woman and needed to update my headshot. I had recently gone to another place and the results were horrific. Thus, I was a bit concerned — terrified actually. So my search for a great photographer with hopes that Time on Film would do the job.

I found Charles, owner & photographer at Time on Film located at 18 N. Marengo, Pasadena and scheduled my appointment.

When I arrived I was instantly impressed with the look and feel of the storefront and then I met Charles Ng.

Wow!!! Charles greeted me with a warm smile and made me feel instantly at ease and confident that this could possibly work.

The photo shoot went smoothly and very professionally. Charles made me feel “at ease” and has the ability to bring YOUR own personality and beauty shine.

I cannot tell you how terrified I was going in and how delighted and pleased I was with the results.
He is, without a doubt the BEST photographer I’ve ever worked with. It was beyond the best experience I’ve ever had with a photographer.
And the results — unbelievable. Fantastic results and I am beyond grateful to Charles. My new head shots will definitely make a major difference with my marketing ads/campaigns!

To summarize all of this : I just cannot say enough good things about Time on Film & the owner, Charles Ng. Btw, you won’t be given an assistant to do the work. You get Charles. He’s the man!!!
And SO fun to work with too. What a relieve right? No surprises here. Just a great experience and tremendous results!!!

One last note, I will be booking a personal B&W session with my daughter soon.

He’s the best in my book!!!
You will not be disappointed just totally pleased and beyond happy with his creative and wonderful work.

If I could give it 10 Stars, I would. Well deserved!!!
Book that photo session!

Donna Quon Brener

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