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I am not sure where I should end, much less where to begin. I had been putting off, for more years than I care to admit, going and getting a professional head shot which I need, not only for my business but also one I would like to have.  I was afraid it was going to be too expensive, NOT. Something I would not be good at, NOT. Well, I am one lucky guy, because I chose right, when I picked: Time on Film Charles Ng.  I walked in to a very great space. It was the easiest thing I have done in years. Warm, gracious, and very easy to be with Charles Ng is a sheer delight which was really kind of fun. When one is really skilled they just make it look, all so easy. I felt great right off the bat. Finest  equipment, in a great space, no pretense or airs just easy, easy, easy. Couple of different changes encouraged. Which I liked and I began to get excited about what we were doing.  Charles, is very generous with his time, his abilities and has such an overriding passion, to make it great. Then you get to sit down while you are right there and go through all of the shots, picking the ones you think might be really good, and then Charles does with a soft touch, a little cleaning and tweaking, you get to see the whole process as it goes and it is great. Then voila; pictures in hand and or an email sent, you have it right then and there. I could not be more pleased. Charles happens to be local for me but I would say it would be well worth, a couple of hour’s drive if need be. When you have it, you got it and I am a believer when someone is really great the world needs to know.

Robert Bilheimer


Best photography!

Funny guy with a nice positive demeanor. I have referred Charles to all my friends and family who all say the same thing he’s not only a great photographer but a pleasure to work with. I can’t say enough good things about Charles, you will just have to come in and see for yourself.

On a person note, my first photo was for LinkedIn and let me tell you his professional photo gave me a lot of responses for employers looking for the top candidates. I now recently came back for my second photo session and I will write back later to tell you what the response I get, I am sure it will be just as amazing.

If you are looking for cheap photos you get what you pay for but at Charles his prices are very reasonable, his quality will amaze you and most of all you will develop a good relationship with you because of his positive attitude. His sessions don’t feel rushed and you will enjoy your time.

Thank you Charles, you are the best!!!

Albert Alonzo

Quality Engineer, CODHAM DEFENSE

When: September 2015 Experience: I was looking for a place to take business headshot photo that’s affordable, flexible, and produces good work. Charles’ Time on Film Photography exceeded all my expectations. He was friendly, funny, accommodating, and most of all, he was meticulous and absolutely brilliant in his work. The photoshoot process was fast and painless and Charles provided great directions on posing and expression, which made the photos distinct from casual photos. He was careful with lightning and shadow and made the photos pop but still feeling natural. After the shoot Charles worked with me on touching up the photos. I got to see him work his magic with Photoshop and it’s clear that he had mastered the craft. He was fast but still attentive to all the little details. I felt very comfortable during my two hours there and never felt hurried during the entire time. Bottom Line: Until Charles decides to retire, Time on Film will be my go-to place for professional photos. Willy Liou

Regulatory Affairs Manager, AMGEN

I work in Pasadena and was looking for a local photographer for business headshots. I’m so glad I found Time on Film through Yelp.Charles was WONDERFUL! He helped me with my business headshots last week. He made me feel comfortable and gave me great photography tips. He spent time to make sure I was happy; I never felt rushed. I’m so delighted with my portraits and will definitely recommend Charles to all of my coworkers and friends. Thank you Charles! 🙂

Veronica Zamora


I met my friend, Charles, back in 1998 while walking along Colorado Boulevard in beautiful Pasadena. I saw one of his many majestic portraits in the window of his studio. I later learned that Charles won a major award for his portrait entitled: “Father of the Bride”. It was that photo that peaked my interest, and it was that photo that I remembered when I was asked to take a professional picture by members of my Congregation. Upon entering the studio, Charles and I sat down and talked about what kind of portrait was appropriate for someone in my profession as a Minister and Pastor. After coming to the proper conclusion, we made an appointment to get a nice photo done. That moment back in “98” cemented our professional relationship, and since then, my family and I have taken many wonderful photos from the Time On Film Studio, and each time has been greater than the time before! I just did a sit down with Charles this week: February 4, 2016, and I was simply amazed at the work that Charles did and continues to do for all his clients, which are vast numbers. If you are looking for a professional photo studio, then I can say that Time On Film Studio is the place for you to go. Just give Charles a call and be prepared to be blown away by his ability to capture the best features that you possess on film, and to experience a once in a lifetime meeting with one of California’s best photographer.

Rev Wayne C Cooper


I was looking for an affordable studio to take business headshots for my personal website and LinkedIn. I found Charles’ Time on Film on Yelp and was impressed by all the five star reviews. Charles was great: he obviously loves his work and spent a lot of time with me, never rushing like many photographers do. Instead, he explained in detail his method of taking great headshots – how he does the lighting, how to pose, how to get the best smile, etc.

After the shoot, we sat down at his computer to do digital touch-ups. He is as meticulous in front of the computer as he is behind the camera. His touch-ups are not heavy handed at all; he pays great attention to detail and makes you look great, yet still natural and human. The end result was nothing less than the perfect professional headshot at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend Time on Film.

Jake Grandy

Ph.D. Student in Management and Organization, USC Marshall School of Business

Photographer Charles Ng is a genius at getting you to reveal your real self in a photo. He understands, emotionally and from his professional experience, why one portrait compels our attention, while another does not. In his studio is photograph of a father of a bride dancing with his daughter at her wedding. It brought tears to my eyes, and that was before he told me that it had won an international photography competition.  It will make you cry, too. You will be very happy with Charles Ng’s results.

Jay Scholl

President and Founder, HEDGE FUND ADVISERS INC

I was looking to just get some head shots done but that wasn’t the case when I was recommended to getting my pictures taken by Charles. Not only is his work very proficient, but the quality and time he takes into bringing your photo to life is an experience of its own. I was nervous at first but after talking to Charles and just getting to know him made everything fall into place. It was a fun experience as well as a learning one, Charles taught me things that I would have ever thought when it comes to taking pictures. I thank you Charles, it was great working with you. So if anybody is looking to taking pictures of some sort, I highly recommend you giving Charles Ng a phone call. You can’t go wrong especially if you’re looking for a photographer with passion.

Fabian Amaro

Actor | Model

I’m 100% serious when I say that Charles is a pro at what he does. I’ve taken a lot of photos for a lot of different events (I was an actor in my teenage years) but no experienced professional/experience matched up to that of Charles’s.

His ability to capture what YOU want is superb and he educates you while he’s taking pictures of you, providing reasons why certain sides look good or where to look and how to position your body and why. He is friendly and gives off a safe, fun, and collaborative vibe.

He also has the structure to select the perfect picture suited to your needs in an incredibly efficient way. I am very satisfied with my time and results with Charles.

Please reach out if you have any questions about his service– I have nothing but great things to say and would love to answer anything you may still be wondering about!

Nicholas R. Der


I cannot thank Charles enough for the professional headshots he took for me. My boss took me and another coworker of ours to Charles’ shop (Time on Film Photography) on September 03 2015 for professional headshots of each one of us, as well as of the team as a whole. It did not take long for us to find out how masterful Charles is at what he does: he fine-tuned each minute detail of our poses and expressions in order to enable the resulting photos to convey the right professional images of us, and he explained the rationale behind each tweak with patience, respect and great sense of humor.

What is even more impressive is how Charles “touched up” the raw images on Photoshop. He went the extra mile simply because he wanted the best for us. Specifically, he retouched the photos in order to strengthen our professional images in terms of energy, confidence, and sincerity, and he did so without making them look unnatural. Despite his proficiency in re-touching, he ended up spending 2.5 hours working with us because he did care about us and want to make sure the photos will serve us well. Six days later I received the final products from him, with which I was very, very satisfied.

In sum, I highly recommend Charles to whoever needs high-quality professional headshots.

Ming-Hsin "Jeremy" Wei

Research Scientist, PhD, CALTECH PASADENA

I am never fond of taking pictures or headshots  because it always never came out the way I wanted it to be but yesterday was a great experience. When he showed me the “before” pictures, it really looked horrible or in Tagalog “kasukdulsukdulan” but when he transform it that looks so natural the “after” came out so awesome in Tagalog, “kahindikhindik”. Charles really did a good job, I am out of words, not only that he is very accommodating but he makes sure that you are fully satisfied with his work, and quick & brilliant and makes you understand the world of Photography.  “Good Job” and I highly recommend his work, more power….cheers and Goodluck….”Thumbs Up” !!!!!

Marissa T Embisan


Hands down, Charles Ng is  the only guy you should have do your photo shoot whether it’s a business portrait or a special event.  Charles is funny and charming.  He knows how to bring out your best and he’s determined that at the end of the shoot  you will love your photos.

I changed outfits, changed glasses, added and subtracted scarves.   We went through a whole range of poses and then had 300 plus photos that we narrowed down to the final five looks.  Then Charles did a quick demo of his Photoshop magic so that we could agree on just the right amount of retouching for a fresh, natural look.

In this world of selfies and smartphone snaps we have forgotten that good portraiture is an art.  And Charles is both a true professional and an artist!  And did I mention the price is right!

Pat Mackay

Entertainment Publisher/Editor and Project Producer, QUITE SPECIFIC MEDIA | ONES&ZEROSMEDIA

We used Charles for our Real Estate Photographs and couldn’t have had a better experience.  He was reasonably priced and offered a great business package.   He was very fun to work with and had lots of great tips to help us pose for our head shots.  We chose the pics that we wanted to use on the spot and had the finished product within a couple days.  We will definitely use him again and recommend him for any type of photography!  I wish that I knew about him for my wedding photographs.

Sharon Watkins


I needed a corporate headshot and didn’t want the usual passport looking thing.  Charles is a genius and got the perfect look on the second shot, even though he kept going.  We really didn’t need to but he wanted many to compare. He is excellent at posing you appropriately and is funny so it makes it all great fun.  Charles is great and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Beverly Froelich

Professional Interim Executive | Consultant and Coach, EXECUTIVE SERVICE CORPS OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA

Have you ever wondered of why so many photographers always over promise and under deliver?

Here is your answer; I have come to realize that many photographers lack passion and the know-how of capturing the right moment, but what sets apart Charles Ng from his peers is that he listens and he delivers!

His sense of creativity and artistry makes him one of the most distinguished and qualified candidates in this town. He cares about his customers’ concerns and his calm and friendly demeanor puts you at ease yet brings out the Best in your pictures.

So my dear yelpers, you have nothings to lose and everything to gain, Don’t wait and call him today, because you will be very satisfied about your decision.

David Sanepour

Realtor Commercial & Residential, COLDWELL BANKER GEORGE REALTY Arcadia

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